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[INT] FC Bayern München Dieses Thema abonnieren
Alt 11.01.2019, 15:19
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Bitte nicht diesen verzogenen Bengel...
Was ist mit dem?
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Alt 11.01.2019, 16:15   (Regensburg)
Usual Suspect
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Eine Zusammenfassung aus Pariser Sicht aus dem r/soccer-Subreddit:

In 2008, Rabiot was signed to the Manchester City academy on a six year deal that should have seen him turn professional when he turned 17. But six months after signing, the deal is killed because Rabiot’s mom became angry at the club’s “treatment of her boy”.

The kid then joins PSG and even with Rabiot’s talents it’s difficult to envisage him earning first team experience (cause he really wasn’t that good). However, the club and Laurent Blanc worked with the mom and showed their willingness to work with the kid and allowing him to gradually develop, introducing him to the first team in the manner that Sir Alex Ferguson did with David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

In 2013 Rabiot and his mom grew impatient and he is sent on loan to Toulouse to earn more playing time. His temporary departure earned him and his mom criticism in the media for their impatience with the club.

After Rabiot returns to PSG from loan, Laurent Blanc Blanc begins to start him in 1 of 2.5 games at the beginning of the season. In the middle of the second half of the season, Rabiot’s mom threatens that his son will attempt to leave the club if he is not given more playing time with Matuidi, Verrati, Thiago motta and Pastore in the squad. As a result Laurent Blanc starts him in more games.

In 2015, towards the end of the season before Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s contract is about to run out, Rabiot and Zlatan get into a fight at the training center in Paris.

While Thiago Motta was getting old and eventually was unable to play at a high level, he was replaced by Rabiot as a defensive midfielder in important games. He played very well at this position and fans grew excited as they thought they had found the perfect replacement for Thiago motta. Instead of serving his club by playing in whatever position that would help the team win games, he and his mom complained to the coach and president that this was not the role he wanted to have at the club as he wanted a more sexy type of style in games and attack instead of defending. Even though he was much better at defending than attacking, him and his mother would whine about it. Even in the champions league games Rabiot would go against playing as a starting defensive midfielder. Despite these demands, the coach would still sometimes put him at the 6 position with the goal of winning and putting the team before the individuals. Which probably led to even more disgusting behavior from the Rabiot family as they didn’t completely get what they wanted as they’re used to.

Rabiot has been often seen as a cry baby that complains to his mom whenever he doesn’t get what he wants. Due to him coming from a rich family, it makes sense as to why he cries whenever he doesn’t get what he wants.

The President of PSG, Nasser Al Khelaifi, appears to be a big fan of Rabiot, regardless of the shit he and his mother give him, he has always said he sees Rabiot as a son and has even gone to treat him as the favorite of the team. Perhaps this was just to keep the Rabiot family happy and to make the mom shut up but it definitely didn’t stop them from complaining.

In 2018, Didier Deschamps picks his World Cup squad for the French National team and picks Rabiot to be in the reserves meaning he would be picked into the first team if a midfielder had gotten injured. Rabiot who had only played 5-6 games with France with a performance lower than what it usually is at his club, feels insulted that he is put on the reserves and requests that he is removed from it right away. Instead of Rabiot, Didier had picked Pogba, Matuidi, Kanté, Tolisso, and Nzonzi. Who had proven at the time to be much better players in their clubs and on the national team. Even though France is one of the countries with an abundance of very talented players, Rabiot could not see the honor in being considered by being placed in the reserves. Didier Deschamps who strongly believes in the honor and dignity of representing “Le maillot bleu” states that Adrien made “a big mistake” by making this decision as he missed out on possibly wining the World Cup and might never be considered for the French national team again.

After Rabiot decided to remove himself from the national team, the media and fans lashed at him for being the complacent little baby that he is and for not respecting the honor of representing les bleus. Of course as powerful as his mother seems to be, she could not control what the media and fans had to say. So instead, he wrote a statement disagreeing towards the label of him being “immature”. The kid cried at people for calling him names.

I must say that when I became a PSG fan, the first time I heard of Rabiot I was not impressed. I found nothing special about his skills and didn’t like the personality he had as he seemed to have a very selfish character. I figured that since he was young he would develop into being a pretty talented and mature player, but even now I don’t see the improvement.

It’s frustrating how this guy has been playing PSG all along. I myself knew that he wasn’t going to renew a contract as it became increasingly obvious that these contract negotiations weren’t moving forward. We now know that all of that was part of Rabiot and his entourage’s (mom’s) plan. Keep stalling so you don’t get put on the bench until you can leave while screwing the club over by leaving the midfield open.

We sold Matuidi just so that we could give Rabiot the chance to grow and become the “Steven Gerard of PSG” like he had stated before. He stalls contract talks and makes it seem like he does want to stay, the club meets his demands even though he seems to think he deserves to have the salary of Messi. And now PSG is going to lose one of its starting midfielders when they are already in the absence of a 6. And with FFP sticking to PSG like moths on a lamp post at night, it looks like it’s going to be extremely difficult to replace both positions. For all we know he could not even be a true PSG fan and just forced his way out of the academy into his starting role with the bitching of his mom. It’s just funny that PSG defended this child after the big mistake he had made with the French National team.

In conclusion, although it may screw PSG over, I’m glad that a scumbag like him is leaving PSG. I hope that PSG wins a bunch of champions league trophies without him as well as France with the Euros and the World Cup. I hope he ends up having a shit career and karma kicks him and his mother in the ass so hard that he ends up playing in the third division of the Bulgarian League where the Bourgeois would never step foot.

Him and Ben Arfa are definitely on my shit list. I don’t ever want to hear about these two or see them on a screen in my life again.

Let Barcelona have him. If they think they’re getting back at us for Neymar, they are in for a treat.
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Hier eines der wenigen Fotos der Mutter.

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Alt 11.01.2019, 17:03
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Das Original ist nicht weniger verstörend...

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7 foot Schnitzel
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Eine Zusammenfassung aus Pariser Sicht aus dem r/soccer-Subreddit:
Passt doch gut. Kann seine Ma direkt zu Uli rennen
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Alt 18.01.2019, 18:50   (Deep down in the Jungle)
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James und Gnabry auf der Bank, Müller spielt. Jetzt schon wieder kein Bock mehr.
"I came back for a reason. I came back to bring a championship to our city," I've done nothing but be true to the game, put my heart, my blood, sweat, tears into the game, and people still want to doubt what I'm capable of doing. LeBron James
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Alt 18.01.2019, 19:26   (Zwischen Realität und Traumwelt. Irgendwo da.)
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Ich ertrage diesen Kovac einfach nicht mehr und hege solch eine Antipathie gegen ihn. Da hast du durch zufällige Umstände mit James einen solch begnadeten Weltklassespieler in deinen eigenen Reihen und verkraulst ihn wegen diesem Anti-Trainer. Da spielt sogar Hoffenheim offensiver als wir.
"Beim Fußball sind die schönsten Tore diejenigen,
bei denen der Ball schön flach oben rein geht..."
(Mehmet Scholl)
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Alt 18.01.2019, 19:34
Go Avs Go
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Robben & Ribery verletzt oder wieso nichtmal im Kader ?

Bin gespannt ob Davies heute direkt debütiert.
Turn und Spielvereinigung von 1911

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Alt 18.01.2019, 20:19   (Regensburg)
Usual Suspect
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Wirklich gute Leistung in der ersten Hälfte. Zu einer sehr guten muss die Chancenverwertung nochmal besser werden, aber soviel (nicht mehr gewohnte) Spielkontrolle ist schon mal sehr positiv zu bewerten.
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Alt 18.01.2019, 20:19   (LH)
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Spielen wirklich furchtbar ohne Robben, Ribéry, Gnarby und James...

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Lurchi (18.01.2019)
Alt 18.01.2019, 20:21
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Weil ich auch Mal was positives schreiben will: diese erste Halbzeit hatte schon sehr gute Ansätze. Zum Glück hat man dann auch noch die Tore gemacht.

Die Versuche von Hoffenheim hat man gemeinschaftlich sehr gut unterbunden.
Alaba mit einigen guten Bällen in die Spitze.
Vorne mit Müller und Lewandowski ganz gut besetzt im Strafraum, dazu noch goretzka.
Lewandowski der mitspielt und auch gut verlagert.
Thiago wieder mit 2, 3 Szenen, die sonst so keiner kann in der Bundesliga.

Ja doch, kann so weiter gehen.
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Typ auf der Couch (21.01.2019)
Alt 18.01.2019, 20:30   (Berlin)
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Bayern spielt im Prinzip so, wie sie die Saison begonnen haben. Totale Dominanz, bissiges Gegenpressing, gute Chancenverwertung.
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Alt 18.01.2019, 20:42
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Und dann wieder so wilde erste 10 Minuten in der zweiten Halbzeit...
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Alt 18.01.2019, 20:50   (Halsbach)
diskutiert nur konstruktiv
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Und warum man sich beim Stand von 2:0 bei einer Ecke so auskontern lassen muss darf mir hier auch gerne wer erklären.
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Alt 18.01.2019, 20:53   (Leipzig)
Certified Loser
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Bittencourt in der 2. Hälfte mit konsequenter Manndeckung gegen Thiago. Das ist eine sehr innovative Maßnahme. Und funktioniert.
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