Thema: [1. bis 3. deutsche Liga] HSV - Boldt Prediction: DJ Hecking machts!
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Alt 13.09.2019, 09:22   (Hamburg)
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Moin Moin , Auch wenn ich jeden Tag Deutsch lerne, werde ich das, was ich jetzt sage, auf Englisch tun… My name is Bakery Jatta! Four years ago I fled from Gambia to Germany. Without my Family! Today I can say I have the biggest and most caring family I could have ever dreamed of. You, the HSV, became my family! In this way I'd like to express my gratitude towards the whole presidium, my teammates, the staff, my bodyguards Miro and Jürgen and the Fantastic Fans and my Lawyer each and everyone at this club who showed me unconditional love. I'd also like to thank all the athletes, trainers,colleagues and friends, as well as the whole adidas family for the encouragement they've been showing me every day from the very beginning. That, I will never forget! There are two people I'd like to point out especially: Jonas Boldt and Dieter Hecking...They showed me nothing but support and belief in me. They were there for me - through the most difficult times of my career! Many people have asked me, if I'm going to say anything or act against all the reports, the people and the witch-hunt. My simple answer why I wouldn’t counter their attacks: I am not like these people! We are not like these people! I am blessed that I’ve been given the opportunity to be here. I'm living a better life than I did before. With all your kind reactions, your comments and your unconditional support you gave the best answer to the smear campaign. If there was one thing that I could wish for upon all these people, who wanted to harm me, it would be for them to feel the pain that they have caused me. Just for once they should experience the suffering that I had to go through. The things I experienced in Karlsruhe for example: II can tell you that this was by far the worst feeling I've ever had. I know that I'm not as good as a football player as Aaron or Sonny. And I know that there are much more talented players in the game than me. But I will promise you: As long as my legs keep on carrying me through life. As long it‘s working for both sides, I will be here for you. For as long as I live, I will never forget how the HSV and all of you guys had my back the entire time, thr

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Fordere viel von dir selbst und erwarte wenig von den anderen. So wird dir Ärger erspart bleiben.

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